Blog 3 – Interview Questions

When you think of interesting places in Tampa to visit, what is one of the first places that come to mind? For me, it is the Florida Aquarium. My love for animals and marine life made the Florida Aquarium my first choice when looking for someone to interview, and because of that, I have ten questions that I asked one of the Operations Associates at the aquarium. The ten questions are listed below:

•   What is your position at the aquarium?
•   What is it you do on a daily basis?
•   What qualifications did you need for your position?
•   What made you want to go into this career path?
•   What’s your career ladder in this position?
•   How long will it take for you to make that jump to the next step in the ladder?
•   What’s your favorite area of the aquarium to spend time in?
•   How many species of fish are in the aquarium? 
•   Are there any benefits that come with working at the aquarium? 
•   What services does the aquarium provide for the animals there?

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