Blog 2 – Interview

Welcome back to my blog, today I will be writing my second post, and this post will be about who I would like to interview. If given the chance, I would love to interview a professional sports legend like Wayne Gretzky. For those who do not know, Wayne Gretzky is considered by most to be the greatest hockey player of all time, holding the NHL career records for goals, assists and points. I would ask Gretzky questions like, “What things do you see in today’s game that are different from the era you played in?” Additionally, I would ask Gretzky about goaltending in today’s NHL compared to when he played, as goaltenders now wear more padding than ever. This question would be something like, “If goaltenders in your era had the pads and protection that they do in today’s game, would you score less points, more points or about the same?” Those are some of the things that I would ask Wayne Gretzky, thank you for reading this latest blog post.

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